Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dee Saale of CSS Contracting: Should Racist, Bigoted, Homophobes Profit From The Citizens They Attack?

Dee Saale of CSS Contracting 
There's no doubt that social media, and the ability for folks to rudely insult each other from the safety of their keyboards, is contributing greatly to the corrosive divisiveness that's become so painfully prevalent in the United States. It seems to bring out the worst in people. It seems to turn some into children -- rude, spoiled, bratty, poorly behaved children.

Take Dee Saale for example.

She and her husband, Chris Saale, own a concrete company called CSS Contracting based in Clinton, Montana, 17 miles east of Missoula. She spends a lot of time online, mostly commenting on the Facebook pages of local newspapers, posting hateful, racist, bigoted and homophobic verbal attacks towards anyone and everyone who disagrees with her. Although she and her husband have a $900,000 contract with the city of Missoula, she apparently hates government.

I've written about her before (see "Confronting Our Alter Egos: Modern-Day Discourse in America"), after I attempted to have a civil, respectful chat with her. Among her many bizarre and irrational replies:  "Go eat a baby sick bastard . . . I see on your page your socialist borderline communist . . . imagine if you will a marine being a flaming liberal. No wonder you got the boot. U r a disgrace to the armed services. Its usually people like you that have trouble making it in the world they want somebody to take care of them while sitting in there safe space suckin their thumb. Lol.. . . Liberals have turned the USA into a pigpen society where anything goes. No morals, not class . . .now go to your safe space and suck on your thumb." 

She recently returned, and yet again hit me and others with a barrage of strange lies and insults. (She repeatedly wrote that I was "booted out" of the Marine Corps. (I wasn't.) She claimed I "work for the government." (I don't.) She stated that I'm from California (I'm not.)

An example of her fine prose: "You were probally kicked out of the marines for staring at other guys penesis in the shower . . . they probablly kicked your ass for it." (I didn't, and they didn't.)

She posted a story she found online about a time I was arrested after defending myself against a thief who robbed the store where I worked (see Convenience Store Clerk Charged) thinking it would hurt and discredit me. (It didn't. In fact, I'm kind of proud of the story. Here's my favorite parts: "Your honor, this is a pretty serious charge. The victim accused the defendant of taking his cigarettes, and when the customer threatened to beat him up, Mr. Stalling ended up strangling this guy. . . . Your honor, I personally know the defendant. When I used to work at the National Wildlife Federation, he worked there. In fact, he is a former president of the Montana Wildlife Federation, is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has no criminal history." The charges were dropped and the other guy was arrested for stealing.) 

Then, on a public Facebook page, she posted an official police mug-shot photo of an older, balding criminal with a beard. I have no idea who it is. But she wrote, "Pics don't lie. This is Dave Stalling!" (It isn't.)

The sad and pitiful irony: She accuses "all liberals" of being "liars" and "bullies."

I'm not sure why people behave towards others this way. It baffles and intrigues me. I suppose it could be mental illness. In Dee Saale's case I suspect it might be alcohol. In 2007, she wrecked her car while driving home drunk from a bar. Her husband came and got her before the police arrived and they fled the scene. When the police arrived at their house, her husband tried blocking them from getting to her. She was eventually apprehended, administered a sobriety test and arrested for DUI (her second DUI). She appealed the case, claiming the police entered her house "unlawfully." (See story here.)

This would all be pitifully silly if not for this: Should such a person who spends so much time and effort insulting and attacking citizens with hateful, racist, bigoted, homophobic rhetoric be allowed to have a $900,000 contract paid for, in part, by the very citizens she attacks? Aren't there some kind of standards of behavior and conduct expected from city contractors that are worked into the contract?

I hope to find some answers. 

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