Monday, August 5, 2013

Take a Kid Fishing: You Never Know How Far it Might Go

What a difference a day can make.
My father, who died in 2003 at the age of 79, was an avid and passionate fisherman and conservationist all of his life. He instilled in me a life-long passion for fishing and conservation that I am now passing on to my son.
He also passed his passion for fishing and conservation onto my sister and three brothers, and hundreds of other kids during his 30 years as a scoutmaster for Troop 36 in Westport, Connecticut. At least four of his grandkids now love to fish.
Recently, while cleaning out our childhood home, my brothers found a journal he kept at the age of 15.  Here’s an excerpt from April 14, 1941:

My father and I, Montana, 2002
“Went fishing. Caught my first four (4) trout ever. One was 10-1/2″ the others 10″, 8″, 7-1/2″”  The day before, “Mr. Allgood” took him fishing and he missed five.
And so it began (or continued?).
For everyone of us the past connects to the present and on to the future — a legacy of anglers and conservationists taking care of the fish and the waters we cherish. The simplest little moments in life can make a huge difference.
And take a kid fishing: You never know how far it might go . . .

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