Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Awakening (A Letter to Bears)

March 23, 2019

Dear Bears,

Good morning. I hope you had a deep, satisfying, rejuvenating nap. I missed you.

I’m certainly not in a very credible position to give advice about staying out of trouble, but for what it’s worth: Please, PLEASE!, stay away from people; we are bad news for bears.

If you do by chance cross paths with homo sapiens — which is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly difficult to avoid — I hope they give you all the space, understanding and respect you deserve. Either way, turn and flee for your safe space (what little we’ve left for you).

May you have a long, healthy, safe, wonderful and wild year — and may the huckleberries be plump and bountiful. You’re lucky to be a bear!


Your friend and admirer,



  1. Especially don't take hand outs little bears. The wife of a local lawyer in Columbus County NC tamed a black bear and had it living on their porch eating dog food and apples. Then she was appalled when hunters shot it as it logically ran to humans for help when their dogs got after it.